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Horses come in all sizes and all shapes and Winners come in all sizes and all shapes. All you have to do is visit the winner's circle to determine that.

The late Dr. Dewitt Owen Jr
Conformation Authority Tennessee

May 2015

Dailey's Tack Shop has been in business for thirty years, serving the Harness horse industry in the New York-New Jersey area. Postyme blister is a fantastic product for the race horse industry. Every racing stable should always have a bottle on hand and every tack shop should have Postyme blister on the shelf.

Dailey's Tack Shop
Yonkers, NY

The Story of Melody (a Life Saving Hoof Repair)

NOTE: Video was filmed in the mid 1990's and some methods have changed.
This is a story about Melody.

Since 1978 Imitations have come and gone but Postyme will continue to meet the high standards of Professional Horse Owners, Farriers, Vets and Trainers.
Simple, easy to use, safe and the best we can make.