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Postyme was incorporated in 1978 by Charles O. Odom and Alice L. Odom. Postyme products includes the "original" water soluble 5 Day Blister, Body Ease and Work N Blister. The Company is now operated by Kevin B Skaggs (president) and Charles Warren Odom (vice president) who are the sons of the prior owners. Vets, farriers and trainers have been using our products for over 37 Years. These products are for "non food" animals only.

In 1986, Bond N Flex was introduced as a structural hoof repair product and it is the first product for all hoof repairing, rebuilding and nail free shoeing. Horse people have shown absolute confidence in allowing their farrier's to shoe problematic horses with Bond N Flex and in million-dollar races. Horses shod with Bond N Flex include "Lit De Justice" at Woodbine Racetrack in the 1996 Breeder's Cup Sprint, "Elmhurst" at Hollywood Park in the 1997 Breeder's Cup Sprint and "Twice The Vice" won twice with nail free shoes. In 2000, two horses running in the Kentucky Derby that came in first and second place wore glue on shoes using Bond N Flex. Horses can run on direct turf, mud, slop and in deep yielding ground. Bond N Flex has also had remarkable results with standard bred horses, saddle horses and show jumpers. Bond N Flex has been used with great success not only on performance horses, but also breeding stock, pleasure and work horses, and convalescing horses. Read our story about Maggot (a white rhinoceros) and Saving Melody (a Life Saving Hoof Repair).

Since 1978 Imitations have come and gone but Postyme will continue to meet the high standards of Professional Horse Owners, Farriers, Vets and Trainers.
Simple, easy to use, safe and the best we can make.