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Horses come in all sizes and all shapes and Winners come in all sizes and all shapes. All you have to do is visit the winners circle to determine that.

The late Dr Dewitt Owen Jr
Conformation Authority Tennessee

May 2015

Dailey's Tack Shop has been in business for thirty years, serving the Harness horse industry in the new York-New Jersey area. Postyme blister is a fantastic product for the race horse industry. Every racing stable should always have a bottle on hand and every tack shop should have Postyme blister on the shelf.

Dailey's Tack Shop
Yonkers, NY

April 2015

I switched over to Bond N Flex in the Early 90s and I have found that the glue does exactly what its name says it bonds and it flexes. In the year 2000 I had two horses running in the Kentucky derby that required glue on shoes I put my trust in Bond N Flex and it proved right as they came in first and second making Fusaichi Pegasus the first horse to win a Kentucky Derby in glue on shoes, thank you Bond N Flex.

Wes Champagne - Owner of Blacksmith Buddy
and Distributor of Bond-N-Flex in California
Wes Champagne's Blacksmith Buddy »
Farrier for American Pharoah »

January 2015

20 years ago I tried a revolutionary new hoof reconstruction product called Bond-N-Flex. Other products I had tried were too hard and fell out, or the curing time was too long or the heat output was too hot for the hoof. Bond-N-Flex was perfect in all respects, and I fell over myself to secure the distribution rights for Australia. As a full time Master Farrier at a large racing stable, I had the perfect opportunity to use, demonstrate and experiment with Bond-N-Flex in every possible way, and Bond-N-Flex never let me down and always exceeded my expectations.

One of my earliest experiments was at the premier racing stable where a horse lost the whole hoof capsule during track work - prior to this there was no treatment and the horse would have been put down immediately. I used 5 tubes of Bond-N-Flex to reconstruct the hoof, and the horse was back in work by lunchtime and continued to race and to win!

I found Bond-N-Flex was ideal for reconstructing hooves destroyed by Seedy Toe, for building up hoof damage after accidents, for filling sand cracks, for cosmetic use, for foal extensions and for building up collapsed heels.

I demonstrated Bond-N-Flex extensively at my Hoof Care Courses in the firm belief that every farrier should regard hoof reconstruction as an everyday part of Hoof Care.

Over those 20 years I always tried every new product that came onto the market, and in my opinion nothing has ever been the equivalent of Bond-N-Flex.

I have now virtually retired from general farriery and from teaching farriery, but I still promote Bond-N-Flex on my website. In my opinion Bond-N-Flex is the most reliable hoof reconstruction product available. Used correctly it has never let me down.

David Farmilo

The Story of Melody (a Life Saving Hoof Repair)

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NOTE: Video was filmed in the mid 1990's and some methods have changed.
This is a story about Melody.

Since 1978 Imitations have come and gone but Postyme will continue to meet the high standards of Professional Horse Owners, Farriers, Vets and Trainers.
Simple, easy to use, safe and the best we can make.